Morphy Richards 48822 Soup maker, Stainless Steel, 1000 W, 1.6 liters

Morphy Richards 48822 Soup maker, Stainless Steel, 1000 W, 1.6 liters

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  • Motorised blending blade in lid.Power cord length (m) 1.2
  • Easy-clean design
  • Operating controls in lid. Functions: 4
  • 1.6 L capacity
  • Stainless steel body

Simple Steps

The Soup Maker is designed to be quick and easy to use. Simply prepare and chop your ingredients into small pieces, place them inside the soup maker and choose either the smooth or chunky setting. For best results chop your ingredients to 1 - 2 cm pieces to allow quicker cooking and better blending. The easy to use control panel features an LED countdown display that shows exactly how long your soup has left to cook while you just sit back and let your soup maker do the hard work for you.


Style-Conscious, Functional and Practical

This soup maker fits well into any style of kitchen and with a top-down design that allows for a large 1.6 L jug, you can make enough soup for up to four servings at once. After you’ve enjoyed your meal, just give the jug a quick rinse under the tap, wipe it with a soapy sponge and your soup maker is ready for next time.


User Tips

Follow a couple of the easy-to-use recipes when you start using your Soup Maker to familiarise yourself with the product and have optimal results from the start.

  • Ensure the power cable is fully inserted into the base of the soupmaker securely before use. If this is not fully inserted the item may not switch on or may turn off during its cycle.
  • Align the soupmaker lid with the jug to ensure the lid slots into the unit correctly. If not aligned correctly the soupmaker will not perform.
  • Once you have set the programme you wish to use, please do not lift the lid to see your soup, until the cycle has completely finished. If you lift the lid the programme will cut out and re-set back to the beginning.
  • Do not overfill the jug as this could lift the lid during the cooking process and cause the programme to reset. Note there is a maximum fill line in the body of the unit. Please do not exceed this amount.